I love trains and transit. I also love writing lengthy detailed pieces about trains and transit, and creating maps and diagrams about trains and transit. Here, you will find some of the things I’ve created.

A lot of this content is drawn from posts I have written on ArchBoston.org, where I have been posting as Riverside for quite a few years. I am deeply indebted to the community there, where I have learned so much, and had many opportunities to refine my ideas.

This work is purely a labor of love. I do not work professionally in railroading or transit, I have no academic background in this field, and I have no affiliations with or special access to organizations like the MBTA, Amtrak, Keolis, or any Department of Transportation. I have and will surely continue to made mistakes and I am more than happy to receive corrections.

It is my hope that this blog finds its way to like-minded people. Should I be so fortunate to be read by professionals working in the field, I hope you will forgive my presumption to speak as an amateur on these topics, and I hope that you will occasionally indulge me and consider ideas that I raise. I like to think that, once in a while, I might propose something worthwhile.