This section contains additional pieces of writing that may not warrant full posts on their own, but which I want to collate for reference, or which are useful as ongoing resources beyond their initial publication as blog posts. This also includes appendices on blog posts, as well as various things I have written on ArchBoston over the years.


Mapping the MBTA’s Current Frequent Bus Network

Mapping the MBTA’s Proposed Redesigned Frequent Bus Network

Diagramming Downtown Crossing

Mapping New York City’s Super Commuter Rail Network


The Navy Line: A new BRT line for Boston

Norumbega Junction: Extending the Green Line to the Framingham/Worcester Line

A whimsical proposal: Overnight Sleeper Services For Boston

Alternatives for a future-proofed station and portal for a Green Line branch to Nubian

Proposals for a multi-directional junction at Bay Village to support Green Line service to and between Back Bay & Huntington, Nubian, South Station, and Park Street

Appendices and other analyses

Appendix: Mapping the Bus Network Redesign: Somerville’s Buses, Present and Proposed

Analysis: the MBTA’s Current Frequent Bus Network

Analysis: the MBTA’s Bus Network(s) in Dorchester

Analysis: Silver Line ridership patterns, on SL1, SL3, and among downtown transfers

Appendix: New York City’s Super Commuter Rail Network

Analysis: Commuter rail to New Hampshire makes just as much sense as commuter rail to Providence

Analysis: the 29’s current ridership may underestimate its potential for rapid transit